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  • Kim Busboom

    Stress was killing me, and I didn’t even know it. Exercise and nutrition saved my life.

    I wasn’t always into health and fitness – I worked in corporate America for more 16 years. My career was my life. I worked hard to climb the corporate ladder. 

    When I got married, I still worked hard and my career was still my life. When I had my first baby, I still worked hard and my career was still my life. I was trying to do it all, but I couldn’t be the best wife, mom, boss or employee that I wanted to be.

    I lost myself. I chain-smoked during my long commute to and from work. I ate poorly at the office, or skipped meals altogether. Once home, I’d feed and bathe the baby, and get back to work. I neglected my husband and our marriage.

    It all caught up with me. I started having panic attacks. I would become dizzy, light-headed and sweaty.

    The attacks happened more and more frequently. I was unable to drive. I couldn’t get to the office. I missed flights.

    The doctor told me it was stress. Medication and bottles of supplements didn’t help. My own solution? Talk to my husband about moving closer to the office. 

    It became clear I needed to change. It was a hard realization. I left my corporate job. I quit smoking cold-turkey. I dropped the meds and supplements. I started exercising. I discovered Shakeology – one shake, once a day. It took time, but after these changes I can say I haven’t had a single panic attack.

    In sharing my story with others, I had no idea that stress and panic attacks were so common. Yet, no one talks about it – it stays a secret. Because of my personal experience, I’ve decided to be the person that talks about it and the person that helps others make a change.

    I never did go back to that corporate world. Instead, I started my own business where I help others change through proper fitness and nutrition. It’s been a life changer for me, and I love it. 

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